Video games provide a very unique opportunity when it comes to storytelling. No other medium allows a person to really jump inside a story and follow right along with the struggles and victories the characters experience. Nothing else can put the power of influencing how the story ends in a person’s hands like a video game. All stories contain critical points were a tough decision is made, a tragic or wonderful event occurs, situations which leave us full of emotion. But being able to act out those scenarios in a video game, to control the outcome, to decide who lives and who dies. Those are such powerful experiences! They have just as much of an impact as reading a book or watching a movie; perhaps even more since the player is actively participating in the story. Many a time those types of experiences have kept me awake at night after I completed a game. Tossing and turning, thinking about the choices I made or the events I witnessed. I created this blog because I want to share these thoughts. If you have played the game I want to know if what I say resonates with you, if you had a similar experience as me. But if you had a different experience I want to hear about it! Remember, when it comes to stories there is no right and wrong. Only different points of view.