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Origins origins…

Do you ever have an almost itch to do something more? Or maybe a general feeling of frustration with your life, a sense you are not accomplishing anything?

I found myself experiencing each of these on an almost daily basis. The routine grind of working every day, waiting for the evenings to hang out with friends or play games, and then doing it all over again day after day began to wear me down. It was the sense that at the end of each day I struggled to see how I had learned something, created something of value, or overall made myself just a little bit better of a person. While I was creating value and learning things related to my professional life I didn’t feel I was making any progress personally. I had all of these goals and ideas in my head finally became tired of not doing anything with them. Finally, I decided to share them with the world and The Moral of the Story was born.

Lesson learned…

Since this is my very first attempt at a blog there are a multitude of things I have discovered and mistakes I have made but I will limit myself to sharing just a few points.

  1. Make the what you write about an extension of your day to day life. I originally started this blog to write about the stories within video games and quickly realized I should also include books and movies since those are things I also enjoy and experience on a day to day basis.
  2. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Just by looking over the progression of my posts you can tell my style and format as evolved. At first I was focused on being formal and proper, almost lecturing on the lessons I had learned. I quickly realized not only did a first person approach in certain areas make for a more personable read, it also makes for easier writing. The important thing is to experiment and find your unique style.
  3. The best way to grow followers is to follow and interact with other bloggers. That being said if anyone knows how to change the way WordPress Reader displays tag results (currently always shows most recent posts for a given tag) I would greatly appreciate it!


  1. HalfShelledHero – halfshelledherogaming.com, if you are a fan of Rocket League this is a must follow blog. HalfShelledHero has organized a really cool competitive league for Rocket League players who aren’t quite at the MLG status. The blog also contains some well written opinion articles, reviews, and often has fantastic custom art to go with each blog post.
  2. CaryRecollections of Play is another favorite of mine. As you can likely tell from the topics I discuss in my own blog posts, I greatly enjoy reflective, thought provoking articles and this blog scratches that itch on a regular basis! Cary is currently running through a Pass or Play series so be sure to check out past posts for games you have or are considering playing.
  3. James Dixon – QTX is a blog that truly has found a unique voice. The down to earth, unfiltered, and honest tone each article has makes for such a enjoyable read. Not many blogs can pull this off but QTX is simply FUN to read! (Can this be a sub for the Liebster you gave to me forever ago? Haha joking, I’ll be posting that one soon as well!)
  4. Red Metal – Extra Life is my education blog. The reason being is that I was born a little too late to enjoy the “classics” and lived in a household which didn’t have any of the original game systems. So Extra Life is how I have been learning about these types of games, it is really interesting to see what has changed and what hasn’t when it comes to the core fundamentals of games!

As of now I don’t have a 5th blog to list…as I am fairly new to the blogging scene and haven’t quite done my due diligence in finding new blogs.

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Thanks once again to Falcon Reviews for the nomination! May you never gaze upon the blue screen of death!