I recently re-discovered a game from my childhood  and have come to realize it is my all time favorite game. There is a large element of nostalgia affecting this choice as revisiting it brings back all the fond memories of childhood gaming. But I honestly believe it is still a great game and want everyone to know about it! So without further introduction, my favorite game is Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.


Majesty is a real-time strategy game for PC set in the mythical kingdom of Ardania where the player acts as the ruler and builds a kingdom to complete missions. The missions start with a palace and a varying assortment of buildings and starting gold which the player uses to build more guilds and recruit heroes. All of this follows the usual RTS formula but once the player recruits heroes there is a big twist. The player has no control over them.


I remember realizing this when I first played the game as a kid and I was utterly bewildered. I had never played a game where I wasn’t in absolute control of everything! While it took some adjustment I quickly grew to love the game. Similar to playing The Sims, it is easy to become attached to heroes after I recruit them. I did this more as a kid then I do now but I still can’t help rooting for a particular hero as they fight a dangerous monster. As a kid I remember watching on the edge of my seat as the hero and monster traded blows. Sometimes these little fights would end in triumph as the hero narrowly defeats the enemy. Other times in sadness as the hero died, outmatched and outnumbered.


The game has around 20 or more quest scenarios to play through and with the different strategies the player can take on each quest it offers many hours of replayability! I have played this game so much I can pretty much quote each type of hero’s audio and easily have every mission memorized. The missions do provide a learning curve starting with beginner but once you learn the game you can start tackling the advanced and expert missions. Not being able to control your heroes always provides an interesting challenge, especially in the more difficult missions so strategy becomes key later on.


But I won’t rant anymore on this amazing game instead I will tell you to go to steam right now and buy it! As of now it is only is $2.50 so there is no reason not to just grab it for a rainy day with no internet!

Did anyone else get to experience this wonderful game when it first came out?


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