Luck or Fate?

I recently read a book which ended with a phrase along the lines of luck brings us all sorts of opportunities throughout our lifetimes. All we can do is make the best choice available, one step at a time.

The root cause for this was the character at the start of the book was a man in his 30s who was at a loss for why his life felt unsatisfactory. He was a singer and at one point was in a band which felt like it was going to achieve the fame and success artists strive for. But somehow along the way things did not work out and he is instead playing in someone’s garage trying to grasp onto moments which have slipped away. I think the best way to sum the character up is he has no purpose and feels lost in life. The thing he had to realize was life will continue to slip on by if he continued to sit by and let things happen to him instead of him making things happen.

This brings me to the big questions or lessons, what decides the paths our lives take? Is it luck or fate? Are the opportunities get throughout part of destiny or coincidence?


-If you are curious, the book was The War of the Flowers by Tad Williams.



  1. I think the concept of fate or destiny carries with it the assumption that there’s an overarching plan for our lives; a predestination. While I do believe in a higher power, I believe there’s no set plan, just possibilities.

    Every action changes the variables to create opportunities for a new future, cordoning off any other possibilities that could’ve been.

    I believe that everyone has something they were intended to be, but it’s entirely up to them to embrace their strengths and fulfill that role, or choose a different path.


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