Picture someone you know who has disappeared for half of a year randomly showing up and awkwardly saying hey…that’s me right now.




I suppose I should just come out and say it.

I have been a bit distracted lately.

And by lately I mean for the last 6 months…

What has been distracting me?

Well late last year I decided to throw myself into learning more about game design, development, theory, the whole nine yards. I had an idea for a game (still do!) and I was very excited and motivated to see just what it takes to make a game. I always intended to keep up with my writing. But with limited hours in the evening after my day job and having to choose between learning coding, friends, writing on this blog, and playing video games. I just kept running out of time and motivation.

So here I am 6 months later wondering how to get back into writing. My goals and vision for this blog have not changed and the topics I want to write about remain the same. Really, up until this point, my creative itch just has not been strong enough for whatever reason to motivate me to prioritize this blog over all the other things competing for my time. So when it comes down to it I just need to make writing a priority again and start putting thoughts to keyboard again!

TL:DR: Hey I am back and plan to have some of my usual content out within the next couple of days 🙂

I imagine in my absence some of you think of me as a stranger so I will leave you with the song which inspired the article title.

– Anidaan