The Moral of the Story

Every Story has a Moral to Share

About Me

I have a strong desire to leave a mark on the world around me. To somehow make a difference and at the end of the day be remembered for something. I think a lot of us have this desire in some form or fashion, it is probably one of the strongest driving factors for the path we take in life. Personally, it has pushed me to excel during my time at university so I could in turn have a head start in a career of my choice. However, after I achieved this goal I found myself falling into the same daily work routine. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. With friends and random adventures thrown in of course. But over the past year I began to have an itch to somehow make a difference, to be someone unique, to leave my mark on the world.

For as long as I remember I have always been a quiet and thoughtful kind of person. While I do admittedly act on impulse and emotion in certain situations, the majority of the time I always think before making a decision. When I was younger I tended to over think situations and worry about every possible scenario. However as I become older this quirk matured into me constantly observing the world, analyzing situations and thinking through the possible reasons why a given event occurred. This applies to any stories I experience; whether it is a movie, book, or game I try to figure out the characters motivations and the reasons why events occur. After experiencing a story I found myself taking what I learned from these stories and try to find ways to apply them to the world around me. Eventually, I began to wonder how other people interpreted these stories. I wanted to know if other people felt the same way about these stories. Combined with my desire to make my mark on the world, I settled on creating this blog to share my thoughts on these stories. My biggest hope is that my ideas will have value to others, that through my writing I can inspire others to share their stories and ideas. 

While the content I am creating is a small step when it comes to the making the world a better place. It is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time and finally motivated myself to attempt. Already, in these early stages were I am still piecing together my vision and structure for this blog I have learned a lot. But I have just scratched the surface and know I am just at the beginning of my journey. So I end this “About Me” section with a request for the reader to feel free to provide feedback on any piece of my content. I want to learn how I can improve, specifically what I am doing well and what I could improve upon. A huge thank you in advance for helping develop and improve my content, you are a priceless part of helping me make a difference and leaving my mark on the world.             


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