The Moral of the Story

Every Story has a Moral to Share

Why the Moral of the Story?


I love fictional stories. Whether the medium is a book, movie, or video game I love throwing myself into the character’s perspective to follow right along with their struggles and achievements. At the conclusion of these stories I always find myself trying to identify the main theme of the story. Was it a story of heroism and courage? Of love and betrayal? There are endless combinations and depending on the depth of the tale there could be a number of themes in just one story. These themes, these life lessons, are the core of a meaningful story. It is these morals of the story which can leave us in a daze after finishing a great book, movie, or video game.

This blog is an attempt to share these thoughts with the rest of the world while hopefully stirring discussion around the morals of each story. It is a small effort to try and leverage my passion for stories to make a difference in the world. Through the sharing of our experiences, personal interpretations, and the ideas we all have I hope we can learn more about each other and the world around us.

This is an experiment to see if I can promote conversations about the life lessons and morals I (and hopefully others) see in stories. In a sense it is not even about the stories, as they are merely the conduit through which these life lessons are channeled to us. The real value comes from discussing the morals, deciding how we interpret each one, and sharing our thoughts with each other. I believe these conversations give us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and each other.

We have a chance to examine various interpretations of each moral and decide which resonates with us personally. Whether we agree or disagree depends on own beliefs, values, and personal experiences. As we share these opinions it is not a statement of who is right or wrong; it is a declaration of who each of us are as an individual. The real goal is to learn to look past the surface and begin to understand the person. To start to comprehend the summation of experiences and beliefs which shape each of us. It is my hope as we learn to think past the outward personas and appearances each of us have we will become more understanding, compassionate, and thoughtful people. In the end, maybe we will make better decisions in our own lives from what we have learned from others. Perhaps it is the moral of this story, together we can learn to be better people.