Mr Robot – How is hating yourself true power?

So I started watching a new show last week called Mr Robot. I am hoping many of you have seen it since it is already past the second season and if you have I would love to get your thoughts on the below scene. If you have not seen the series no worries, there are not any spoilers here. Feel free to watch the clip and let me know your thoughts as well.

YouTube source: channel: Morgan Burkensteck

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Our obsession with superheroes – what if we are wrong?

I recently read a book series which challenged a dream I have had since I was first exposed to the fantasy world of superheros. A secret hope that one day I would wake up and become one of those heroes. I know I am not alone in this secret hope, tv and movie culture these days is saturated with Marvel and DC. These stories are always shown to be two opposing sides, the good versus evil. The heroes versus the villains. The books turn this concept upside down and present some hard questions about human nature. Would I be able to resist the allure of unlimited power? Could I remain a “hero” when my every want or desire was at mine for the taking?

While the post does discuss how the book presents this idea the final section, Life and the Moral,  is focused on the above questions and discusses them in greater depth. Give it a read! Do you agree that we have become enamored by superheros? How do you think we would handle the sudden arrival of these abilities?



Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the long absence and lack of content over the last couple of months. Life carried me away and it has taken me a bit to get back into solid enough routine to work on some content. That being said there are two new articles I hope to have up this weekend! I am branching out a bit into movies and books, so the next two posts will be one in each new category.

Apologies again for the absence!