The Moral of the Story

Every Story has a Moral to Share

The Morals

When our personal duties conflict with each other, there will be times when no alternative is available and a sacrifice must be made. To do this we must decide what we value the most in our lives in order to know what we would be willing to give up. These decisions directly shape who we are and the paths our lives lead.”
-The Order 1886: Duty and Sacrifice-

How can we know with certainty whether or not a person has changed?Perhaps we should turn our thoughts away from others. Maybe we should stop trying to comprehend other people and start discovering ourselves.
-BioShock Infinite: Can a Tiger change Its Stripes?-

a story of characters who are so focused or obsessed with a goal that they become blinded by it…
When the desire to attain a goal comes before the methods we use to achieve it, we may find the outcome is not what we had imagined or intended.
-Far Cry 4 – Journey before Destination-